New Windows Terminal Preview v1.1 Latest Version Available For Download With New Features And Functionalities

Microsoft has released the latest version of the popular Windows Terminal. The first preview of the open-source terminal application, since releasing version 1.0, includes several new features and functionalities. The terminal application is popular with Windows OS power users as well as those who regularly use Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), which was recently updated as well.

Within just a month of releasing the first completed version of Windows Terminal, Microsoft is back with version 1.1. Interestingly, Microsoft recently announced its roadmap for Windows Terminal 2.0. The Windows Terminal Preview v1.1 marks the first step towards version 2.0. Despite this being just the first incremental step towards v2.0, Microsoft has added quite a lot to the utility with this update.

Microsoft Windows Terminal Preview v1.1 Includes New Features And Functionalities:

After releasing first complete Windows Terminal v1.0 in May at Build 2020, Microsoft said it willrelease monthly updates to Windows Terminal from July. Accordingly, the Windows OS maker has released the incremental update. Moving ahead, the Windows Terminal preview channel will have monthly updates, starting with this one.

In the latest version, users can now right-click inside or on a folder in Windows File Explorer and find a new option to select ‘Open in Windows Terminal’. This launches the application with the user’s default profile in the directory it came from in File Explorer. It is identical to ‘Open Command Prompt Here’.

Users can now open a profile from a dropdown menu as a side-by-side pane in the current window. This can be opened by clicking a profile – such as Ubuntu, PowerShell, or Command Prompt. Users will have to keep the ‘Alt’ key pressed while right-clicking to access the new menu option.

The Windows Terminal v1.1 preview allows users to automatically launch the application when starting up a computer. In other words, Microsoft has added the ‘AutoStart At Boot’ function. The new version of the Windows Terminal also allows tabs to be customized using a color picker. Users can pick new colors by right-clicking on a tab and selecting ‘Color’.

Microsoft has also added an option to rename tabs that appears in the same context menu as the color picker. Additionally, users have the option to use compact tab sizing that shrinks inactive tabs to the width of the icon. This gives ample space to active tabs.

Windows Terminal Preview v1.1 Includes New Command Line Arguments:

Microsoft has added some new commands to use as arguments when calling ‘wt’ from the command line. The first is –maximized, -M, which will launch Windows Terminal as maximized. The second is –fullscreen, -F, which launches Windows Terminal as full screen. Incidentally, these two commands cannot be combined. The last is –title, which allows users to customize the title of the tab before launching Windows Terminal. This behaves just like the tabTitle profile setting.

Apart from the abovementioned features and functionalities, the new Windows Terminal preview v1.1 also allows users to open the defaults.json file with the keyboard using a new default key binding of “ctrl+alt+,”. Additionally, the OpenSettings command has received new actions that enable users to open the settings.json file, defaults.json file, or both with “settingsFile”, “defaultsFile”, or “allFiles” respectively.

{ “command”: { “action”: “openSettings”, “target”: “defaultsFile” }, “keys”: “ctrl+alt+,” }

Microsoft has assured that along with new features, the company has fixed several bugs and improved the performance and stability of the platform.


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