New Windows 365 Business Update Brings Windows 11 Support and More!

Windows 365 is a cloud solution from Microsoft that offers remote Windows access from any device. Microsoft also offers Windows 365 Business, geared for organizations running up to 300 instances of Windows. Earlier this year Microsoft announced new features for Windows 365 Business customers which are finally starting to roll out now.

Windows 11 Support

Windows 11 support is finally here for Business users. Like Windows 10, there’s a host of controls for admins like Microsoft Endpoint Manager, cloud configuration, and Windows Update for Business.

Windows 11 is the operating system for hybrid work, delivering new experiences that work how you do. By default, new Cloud PCs will come with Windows 11 installed, so users can take advantage of the latest features and security improvements in the OS.

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Enhanced Admin Capabilities

Cloud PC windows
Windows 365 Cloud PC management

Windows 365 Business users will now get more control over their Cloud PCs. The new update brings more control options, both on the organization-level and the device-level side. New cloud PCs will have Windows 11 by default, although the can admin can now change it to Windows 10.

These settings and actions will be configurable both in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and on Admins who are already comfortable managing in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center can continue to manage there.

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Microsoft Graph APIs Integration

Microsoft Graph is a RESTful web API that grants users access to Microsoft Cloud service resources. Windows 365 Business customers can now use Graph API to build custom solutions for their organization.

Microsoft 365 Lighthouse integration was also promised, but that is not rolling out yet.

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