New Windows 11 Insider Preview Build Brings Improvements to Account Settings Page

Microsoft has released yet another Windows 11 Insider preview build to the dev channel. Preview build 25126 is light on new features, but it does address some pressing bugs from earlier Insider releases. 

In an earlier Windows 11 Insider Preview Build, Microsoft made it easier for users to track their 365 subscription. The subscription information was placed in “Your Microsoft account” under Settings > Account. With the new update, users can also see their supported Office perpetual products associated with their accounts. 

Users can also use the “View Details” tab to see subscription details and directly install the associated software. 


Some Windows Insiders weren’t able to install the latest builds due to a DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error. This causes a rollback error during installation. This has now been fixed with the new Insider build. 

Some insiders also faced general instability due to “Program Compatibility Assistant Service” in Windows using an unexpectedly large amount of CPU bandwidth. The devs have worked on mitigating the core issue causing this bug in the new Insider build. 

You can read the rest of the changelog below. 

[Start menu]

If the touch keyboard is docked it should no longer unexpectedly dismiss when trying to edit the name of a folder in Start.


Fixed a high hitting explorer.exe crash that could happen when using Search.


The preview image under Personalization > Lock Screen should no longer be backwards when using an Arabic or Hebrew display language.

[Task Manager]

If explorer.exe has hung, that should no longer hang Task Manager.

Fixed an issue where the context menus weren’t following the same mode (light or dark) as Task Manager itself for some Insiders.

Fixed a typo in the “Minimize on use” tooltip.

If you’ve hidden the graphs on the side of the Performance page, the color of the circles used instead should now match the graph in the summary view.

Addressed an issue where the Not Responding status for certain apps wasn’t being reflected on the Processes page.

[Windows Sandbox]

Removed the Lock option in Start menu as it didn’t work.


Fixed an issue where using “Open All Active Printers” from the printer icon in the system tray would unexpectedly open File Explorer when there were no active queues. 

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