New Update to GeForce Experience adds WhisperMode 2.0 that uses AI to keep the Noise Level in Check

GeForce Experience is Nvidia’s companion application for its graphics cards. Since its launch, it has been the one-stop solution for all gaming needs for Nvidia’s users. Nvidia has also been adding more value-added services to the application. Since the launch of the Ampere series of graphics cards, Nvidia has added many new features such as Nvidia Reflex and Nvidia Broadcast. These features use AI and machine learning and are only available to the RTX graphics cards.

An update to the GeForce Experience application is long overdue. It has almost been three months since Nvidia updated the application. The new version is finally available to download. It takes the application to version 3.21 and updates the WhisperMode. For those who don’t know, WhisperMode controls the fans’ speeds so that the performance is optimized while staying as quiet as possible.

The new WhsiperMode called WhisperMode 2.0 employs AI-based algorithms to control the speed and sound of the fans of both CPU and GPU in gaming laptops. It dynamically manages the CPU, GPU, and their fan speeds, and graphics settings in the game so that the performance stays on par while acoustics stay in check. Nvidia wants it to be completely integrated with the laptop system so that the users only have to select the level of noise that they could bear. The rest will be controlled by the AI learning from the user habits. The system-wide integration depends upon the laptop manufacturer. The mode will only be available to the laptops that ship with the RTX 30-series GPUs onboard.

In addition to the mode, the release notes lead to many bug fixes, optimisations as well as support for new games.

Mohsin Naeem
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New Update to GeForce Experience adds WhisperMode 2.0 that uses AI to keep the Noise Level in Check

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