Sony Reportedly Approves Uncharted Reboot, Will Be Developed by a New Independent Studio

Sony‘s critically acclaimed video game series, Uncharted, might be getting a reboot soon.

Uncharted is rumored to be getting a reboot, although it won’t be developed by the series’ original studio, Naughty Dog. Insider Gaming claims that a whole new studio is hard at work on a new Uncharted game. According to the data collected through the leak, Sony has decided to reboot the Uncharted series rather than releasing a fifth installment.

Two separate insiders have said that Sony chose to revive the series earlier in 2022 and has since handed over development rights to an unnamed company. Naughty Dog would supposedly assist the new crew in getting started before totally handing off the series. Reports indicate that the development is just getting started, so we don’t expect an official announcement anytime soon.

Since Nathan Drake‘s story was satisfactorily wrapped up in Uncharted 4, it’s unclear if the next installment would include a new beginning for Drake or will a new protagonist be introduced. We can only guess where the series will go from here, but there are two possible directions, either restarting it with an innocent young Nathan Drake ready for action or with an entirely new cast member, but with Drake as a side character.

Uncharted 4’s announcement as the series finale came much earlier, suggesting that Sony or Naughty Dog reached a decision quite recently. Regardless, the game’s release is still a few years away. Therefore there is currently very little information available.

Will the new studio be able to live up to the standards set by Naughty Dog? We will keep you updated as more information becomes available, as there is not a lot to learn right now. Comment below with your thoughts on this leak and whether or not you believe Uncharted 5 (name not officially revealed) is in development.


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