New Surface Pro X Firmware Update for Insiders brings Performance and Stability Improvements

There is a new firmware update rolled out for Surface Pro X users running Windows 10 Insider Builds. For now, the updates have been located in Beta ring, but a possibility of the update being available on other Insider rings as well cannot be ignored.

The Pro X had received its previous update on 9th June which brought a few improvements and fixes for the users as well as security updates. The latest update caption reads “Microsoft Corporation – System Hardware Update – 7/24/2020’, clearly suggesting that the update 3.510.140.0 has been updated to 3.517.140.0.

For now, Windows has not released a changelog for this latest firmware update on Surface Pro X Insider builds. That would possibly be because the update is not generally available yet. Once the update is released for everyone, a full changelog would become available.

Firmware updates are mostly about performance and stability improvements so it is unlikely that a new feature is involved.

This new update has various revisions that were brought to different components of the ARM-based chip. These revisions include GPU alterations, Image Signal Processing (ISP) controller, power management, and others. Unlike the Pro series (Intel-powered), updates for Pro X show up as a ‘Hardware update’ as these components have been integrated into SoC.

Other updates include improvements for infrared, front-facing and rear cameras.It is indicating possible improvements to the ‘Eye Contact’ feature as well which had been debuted with Pro X’s build 20175.

This firmware update is bound to eventually be made available to all Surface Pro users after the necessary test-runs are complete. This will also be most likely the time when the company will provide a changelog.

Maira Ahmed
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