New Steam Link app lets you stream games to phones and tablets

Steam Link and Steam Video apps allow streaming of games and movies

Valve, the company behind Steam, have announced their plans to release two new apps. The Steam Link and Steam Video app will be launched soon for free. The apps will allow users to stream games and videos to Android and Apple devices without the use of a Steam Link device.

Steam Link App

The Steam Link app is similar to the Steam Link device, and works by connecting to a host PC running Steam. The device the app is installed on will connect via 5Ghz wireless network or a wired Ethernet to the host system. Currently, Mac and PC are the only supported host devices. The Steam Link app can be used on phones, tablets and TVs running Android as well as iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs. Steam Link app improves the user gaming experience by featuring support for “the Steam Controller, MFI controllers, and more across both platforms.”

Steam Video App

The other free app is the Steam Video app which aims for a summer release. This app will work just like the previous one, but will stream movies and shows available on Steam instead of games. The Steam Video app will be available for Android and iOS devices and will work over both Wi-Fi and LTE. The app “will offer the ability to enjoy content in offline and streaming modes.”


The beta version of the Steam Link App will be available on Android and iOS starting May 21st. Valve intends to test and polish the app before launching the full version. The Steam Video App will be launched later this summer.

Launched in 2015, the Steam Link was a device which allowed users to stream content from a PC to a TV via wireless network. The new apps will streamline the whole process by eliminating the need for a Steam Link device.

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