New Seven Part DLC Announced for HITMAN 3 Based on The Seven Deadly Sins

This year was off to a good start with the release of Hitman 3. IO-Interactive took everything that made Hitman 2 click and made it bigger and better. The previous games got a ton of DLC content, including new locations. Hitman 3, too, is getting its first DLC Expansion: “HITMAN 3: Seven Deadly Sins”. 

This new DLC will release in 7 parts, with each content pack released over time. As the name suggests, each expansion pack takes inspiration from one of the seven deadly sins: pridegreedlustenvygluttonywrath, and sloth. 

The first act is named “The Greed Enumeration.” inspiring gameplay mechanics from greed. There’s some description of said mechanics wherein the first act players will carry over certain items between stages. We still don’t know how the other acts will inspire gameplay elements at this point.

The First expansion will be out on March 30th and will cost 5$ USD individually. Players can buy the entire seven-pack DLC for USD 29.99. There will also be additional unlockables for each DLC. 

HITMAN 3: Seasons of Sin

As well as the Seven Deadly Sins Collection, HITMAN 3 owners can continue to enjoy ‘live content’ that is added to the game at no additional cost. As we’ve already done in the last two months, players can expect Escalations, Featured Contracts and Elusive Targets to be added to the game regularly – including brand new HITMAN 3 Elusive Targets! Plus, new seasonal events, such as the Berlin Egg Hunt, will also be available for all owners as well as the return of much-loved seasonal events from HITMAN 1 and HITMAN 2.

To support our Seven Deadly Sins expansion, we’re now releasing our regular content as part of a Season of Sin, instead of a monthly roadmap. This is mostly a change in name, because the Escalations, Featured Contracts and Elusive Targets are still coming thick and fast – and free!

So, instead of the April Roadmap, we’re excited to kick-off the the Season of Greed in HITMAN 3 on March 30, which starts the release of new content, both paid (see above) and free for existing owners. A Season of Sin can last anywhere between 4-6 weeks and include Escalations, Featured Contracts and Elusive Targets. The full content roadmap for what’s included in the Season of Greed will be released in the first full week of April.


Indranil Chowdhury
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New Seven Part DLC Announced for HITMAN 3 Based on The Seven Deadly Sins

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