New Regulations May Hurt Free Services of YouTube and Google Search in Australia

New government regulations proposed will now hurt the way Australians use YouTube and Google Search, an open letter to Australians by the company mentioned. The proposed law known as the News Media Bargaining Code will now force Google to provide dramatically worse YouTube services and Google search to Aussies. This law entails that users’ data be handed over to large news businesses. It will also place the free services that Australians use at risk, Managing Director, Mel Silva stated on behalf of Google Australia.

Australian users have always been depending on YouTube and Google Search for showing them the most relevant and helpful information. According to Google Australia, this will no longer be the case after the News Media Bargaining Code has been implemented. The law forces the company to give unfair preference to news media businesses over every other website, small business or YouTube. Now the law requires Google to provide news media businesses alone with information which could assist them in artificial inflation of ranking over others, even if some other website is providing a better result. Google said that it treated all the website owners fairly, particularly when it comes to sharing the information regarding ranking. However, now it is bound my the new law.

With the new regulations enforced, Google will be entitled to inform news media businesses with how they can acquire access to data about how users use their products. With this, there will be no guarantee of knowing whether the data being handed over will be protected or how will the news media businesses use this data.

Silva further mentioned that they have been partnering with news media businesses in Australia and already pay them a lot of money along with providing them with billions of clicks each year. However, now the law that has been set up, requires Google Australia to provide big news media companies with special treatment and encourage them in making unreasonable and enormous demands which would put Google’s free services at risk.

Silva stated that they are doing everything in their power to get this proposal reversed so that the way Google Search and YouTube work for Australian users can be protected.

Maira Ahmed
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