New Rainbow Six Siege Leak Details Tachanka Rework

With the Six Invitational event rapidly approaching, Ubisoft is continuing to maintain silence regarding Rainbow Six Siege’s fifth year. However, thanks to a number of leaks, we already have a rough idea of what to expect from year 5 season 1. Additionally, a new leak provides information about the highly anticipated Tachanka rework, as well as some new features coming to the game.

Kormora, a reliable Rainbow Six Siege tipster with a great track record, is once again the source of this information.

“Map bans are coming (players decide what map to pick and ban),” writes Kormora. “For the Tachanka rework his main weapon is now his LMG and some sort of incendiary thing, and Replays”.


Kormora’s source claims that Tachanka’s shield-bearing LMG will be transformed into his primary weapon. Considering the problems that Blackbeard’s gunshield had, I would imagine the shield would be removed from the turret. Previous leaks stated that the Spetsnaz defender would no longer need his turret” and that he will have a “new interesting play”. Although both tidbits are vague, we now know that Tachanka’s rework will significantly modify his gadget. It seems like Ubisoft is taking the Kali approach with Tachanka by giving him both a unique weapon and gadget as well.

Whilst the Tachanka rework has been public knowledge for a long time, map banning is something Ubisoft never discussed publicly. In addition, the leaker states that “replays” will soon be a thing. This is a feature Rainbow Six Siege fans have asked for a long time, and its implementation was only “held back” by the infamous client side debris issue.

Year 5 will also rework Finka into a “proper medic”. Ubisoft hasn’t officially announced this rework, so it makes sense why related leaks have been scarce.

Kormora doesn’t provide any sort of time frame for upcoming changes and additions. However, with less than a month till the Six Invitational, Ubisoft will likely share more information about year 5 soon.

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New Rainbow Six Siege Leak Details Tachanka Rework

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