New PUBG Update Makes Headshots Easier And Introduces Dynamic Weather Systems In Maps

PUBG global invitational has wrapped up and finally the developers can now concentrate on polishing the game. Bluehole had promised big updates to the game after the PGI and it looks like they have already started delivering on their promise.

Patch 19 is live on PC, and it brings a lot of exciting changes to the game.


  • Firearms will now be able to penetrate limbs. For example, a character’s forearm might block his head from an angle, but now your bullets will penetrate the forearm to hit the head. The headshot will have full damage, regardless of the bullets trajectory. Although the penetration system works for the head, torso, and waist only. Shotguns won’t have this feature enabled for obvious reasons.
  • You can now exit your vehicle, by pressing the sprint key. This will also engage sprint mode just after getting out. This is quite a nifty feature, specially when it’s raining bullets from all sides.
  • If a player is disconnected from the server, but his character was still alive in the game, his teammates weren’t able to access the game reward screen after they died. This has now been fixed, players can check it, even if there are disconnected players in their team. Also, if you join the game back after a disconnection for some reason, and finish it with better results, your teammates will receive any additional rewards earned by that you.
Slider mechanism for item drop


  • PUBG had a frustrating drop system, where it was really hard to precisely drop extra ammo or other items. But now the developers have implemented a slider system. You can now drop a specific amount of any item using a slider pop-up. You can now press Alt key + left mouse button which immediately drops the full stack or Alt key + right mouse which drops half the stack.
  • Weapon attachment management has also been improved. Extra weapon attachments will now drop on the floor if there is no room in your inventory. If you are taking it directly from a loot, and if you have no space in inventory, then the attachment you replaced will be dropped on the floor. When replacing an extended magazine with a quickdraw magazine, the extended magazine and overflow ammunition will be also be dropped on the floor. Pressing Alt while right-clicking a weapon will remove all it’s attachments
  • The game is now more accessible for colorblind players. Scope and reticle colors, blood and Supply crate smoke will have different colours, according to the selected colorblind type.
  • Markers can now be placed, without opening the map. Eliminated teammates will also be able to place markers on a map.
  • The game’s HUD has undergone minor changes for improved functionality. Equipped weapons will now show up on different slot numbers for improved readability.
  • Maximum frame rate can now be adjusted in settings. Players can now set 30, 60 or unlimited as the maximum frames per second.
  • For players with multi-monitors, extra functionality has been added. You can move your mouse cursor to another monitor when the system menu, world map, or inventory is opened in-game.
Minor changes in Map


  • Erangel and Miramar will now have dynamic weather systems. Weather in those maps will change, as the games progresses. Erangel will have a overcast setting and Miramar will have both overcast and sunset
  • Miramar has more dirt roads now, so vehicles will be more usable in some areas.


  • PUBG suffers from inconsistent frame rates from time to time. So the developers have introduced some changes to improve performance. Weapons which aren’t at hand have been optimised, so that they consume less resources. Smoke and flames from vehicles has also been optimised to improve frames.
  • Server performance has also been slightly improved by adjusting the game’s netcode and adjusting player replication rates at a distance.
  • There’s supposed to be lesser discrepancy between the aim of the spectated player and the moving target being shot at, after the patch.


  • When players drop from a parachute and reach the ground, they can sometimes get stuck in a free-fall animation. This has now been fixed.
  • Some players could glitch the game to use a firearm and the frying pan at the same time, this has been patched.
  • Destroying doors with grenades or molotovs will now show correct debris.


  • The volume of the engine inside a vehicle in FPP mode has been reduced.
  • Sometimes¬†War Mode/eSports mode replays were not saved successfully. This has now been fixed.
  • You won’t be able to play past replay files as a new replay system has been implemented.

Bluehole the developers of PUBG have promised many more updates in the coming weeks as many players were unhappy due to the lack of updates during the duration of the PUGB global invitational. The devs also faced backlash over the introduction of Event Pass which was similar to Fortnite’s Battle Pass except you had to pay 10$ for it. We can expect the developers to iron out bugs and improve performance in the coming weeks as they want to evolve PUBG into a serious eSports title.

Indranil Chowdhury
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