Piranha Games Could Be Planning a Third MechWarrior Title

It seems as if we may soon see a third installment to Piranha Games‘ popular MechWarrior series. In spite of the fact that the studio has only released two MechWarrior games so far (2013‘s MechWarrior Online and 2019‘s MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries), the company’s president, Russ Bullock, recently revealed in an interview that a new MechWarrior game is in production and will be launched sometime in 2023.

During a podcast that was hosted by the channel NoGutsNoGalaxy, the president of Piranha Games, Russ Bullock, made an appearance to report something about the future of the MechWarrior franchise. He supposedly promises a new video game that will be released in the near future, considering that production appears to be already well underway at the studio.

This will be a standalone project that shares the same technological foundation as MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries but is not a sequel or an expansion. The core gameplay focuses on a single-player campaign and a two-player co-op mode. Bullock stated that “Everyone knows we have DLC 4 coming out for MechWarrior 5, and there is another MechWarrior game in development at Piranha.

The developer appears to be purposefully avoiding specifics, leading some to believe that he is not discussing MechWarrior 6 properly, but rather a spinoff of the main series. Despite the fact that this announcement was made relatively early, the launch of the game is not likely to take place until 2025, which is when the license to use the trademark and the universe of the popular desktop game will expire. The developer pointed out that in this particular scenario, the organization may be required to renew the license when the time comes.

The podcast also revealed that the new MechWarrior would be available on “all platforms,” including PC and consoles. For those who are unaware, the MechWarrior video game series is based on a tabletop roleplaying game of the same name. It exists in the fictional BattleTech universe, which was established by FASA Corporation in 1984. The games in this series put players in command of powerful mechs in a variety of combat scenarios.


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