Deep Dive: New Manager & Player Career Modes Coming to EA SPORTS FC 24

EA has revealed a deep dive into the highly anticipated Manager and Player career modes coming to FC 24. This year, the game will have separate Manager Career and Player Career modes, offering players more control and immersive experiences in both roles. Let’s discuss all the new features coming to the Manager Career and Player Career in FC 24.

Manager Career

Total Management System

In Manager Career, EA SPORTS FC 24 presents the Total Management System, bringing two elements – Tactical Visions and Coaches. Now, you can immerse yourself in all major club decisions, implementing changes, or delegating tasks to the right staff. 

Tactical Visions & Tactical Vision Scouting

With Tactical Visions, you have seven real-world philosophies to choose from, including Standard, Wing Play, Tiki-Taka, Counter-Attack, Gegenpressing, Kick & Rush, and Park the Bus. Each tactical vision shapes the way your team plays on the field, allowing for unique experiences and strategic depth.

Tactical Vision Scouting enables you to recruit players who are a natural fit for your chosen tactical system. Scouting based on Tactical Fit, Overall Condition, and PlayStyles helps you find players who complement your preferred style of play.


Coaches add another layer of depth to your journey. They possess Tactical Knowledge and Player Development skills, allowing them to influence your team’s performance and players’ growth. As a manager, you can strategically assign coaches to different departments and departments to optimize your team’s performance.

Training Plans: Prepare Your Team Strategically

As a manager, you must strike the right balance between building performance and regaining energy for your players. The revamped Training Plans offer five options, ranging from Performance-focused to Energy-focused, allowing you to customize training for individual players or groups based on their needs. Balancing sharpness and fitness is key to success on the field.

Pre-match Preparations: Master the Art of Strategy

Getting ready to face an opponent is crucial for any football team. FC 24’s Pre-match reports provide key insights about your opponent, their formation, and key threats. With this knowledge, you can tailor your Match Ready Training sessions to focus on specific aspects of your team’s performance or neutralize the opposing team’s strengths.

Tactical View: Watch the Match Unfold

New to Manager Career, Tactical View allows you to spectate matches from various angles, providing you with real-time insights and the ability to make quick tactics changes. Whether you prefer a bird’s eye view or a touchline perspective, Tactical View keeps you connected to the action.

Dynamic Moments: Celebrate Success

FC 24 now celebrates success in style! Partnering with the Ballon d’Or, the game introduces thrilling cutscenes for Player Career, featuring players receiving this prestigious award. Additionally, the open-top bus trophy parade and glamorous Manager of the Year and Player of the Season awards add to the immersive experience.

Ballon d’Or | EA

Additional Improvements

Besides these exciting new features, EA SPORTS FC 24 offers expanded clothing and accessory options for managers, additional kit templates for Create Your Club, and improved AI decision-making for loaned-out players.

Player Career

Player Agent: Your Guide to Success

One of the most exciting aspects of the new Player Career mode is the introduction of Player Agents. These virtual representatives are designed to help players navigate the complex world of transfers and contracts. The Player Agent plays a pivotal role in shaping your career, offering guidance, and negotiating potential transfers and contracts with clubs.

The career path you choose is crucial, as your performance is evaluated at the end of each season to determine your club’s interest in retaining you or exploring new opportunities. Players have the option to set a target team for their career, and by meeting objectives, they can make their dream transfer a reality. 

The Agent also provides tailored recommendations throughout the season, allowing players to progress towards bigger and better clubs while considering factors like geography and wage potential.

Objective Generator: Navigating the Challenges

Each club in the game sets requirements that must be fulfilled for players to secure contracts or transfers. Objectives are divided into Mandatory and Optional categories, with completion determining the level of financial rewards and opportunities. The tactical style of the club and the player’s position influence these objectives, emphasizing the need for strategic planning to achieve success.

PlayStyles: Shape Your Unique Player

EA SPORTS FC 24 also takes player customization to the next level with the introduction of PlayStyles. The Player Personality system has evolved, allowing players to assign PlayStyles that influence on-pitch behavior. These PlayStyles, available at different levels of Personality, add a unique boost to player attributes, enhancing their performance.

Focus Camera: An Immersive Experience

To enhance the gameplay experience, EA SPORTS has improved the Focus Camera feature when playing in locked player mode. The camera will prioritize keeping the player in focus while emphasizing crucial actions like dribbling and jockeying.

Dynamic Moments: Celebrate Success

FC 24 will also have Dynamic Moments that celebrate player and team achievements. The game features prestigious awards such as the Ballon d’Or, the Manager of the Year, and Player of the Season. Players get to experience the thrill of receiving football’s most coveted individual award and participating in open-top bus parades and extravagant awards galas.

Customization: Unleash Your Creativity

The new edition offers expanded customization options, including tattoos, faceguards, and goggles. Players can now personalize their avatars further, making them truly unique both on and off the pitch.

Customization in FC 24 | EA

Training Updates: A Step Forward

Training sessions are now more accessible, allowing players to participate ahead of each match without worrying about missing them due to progress. And, participating in training sessions helps players earn Personality Points for player development.


What are your thoughts about the upcoming Manager and Player Career modes coming in EA SPORTS FC 24? Let’s discuss this in the comments section below.


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