New MacBook Air Model Spotted On GeekBench, Comes With An i7 Processor

Apple recently announced their iPads and MacBooks. Their new iPad Pro is powered by the A12X bionic, but their MacBook Air laptops have Intel Processors. Unlike iPad Pro devices where the only difference between models is just the storage option, MacBooks come in different configurations. Winfuture just uncovered a new MacBook Air Model in testing with Intel’s i7 processor.

GeekBench Scores Of The New MacBook Air Source - Winfuture
GeekBench Scores Of The New MacBook Air
Source – Winfuture

This was mined from the GeekBench database. Winfuture reports that the motherboard ID matches the models released in October with the i5 chips, Intel Core i5-8210Y specifically. Apple does release some of the models with different configurations after launch.

The i7-8510Y did show up in GFX bench a few months ago. The 2018 model of the MacBook Air has a dual-core i5, even the i7 above is listed as dual core. This means the i7 will be clocked higher than the i5. The i5-8210Y clocks up to 3.6GHz so the i7-8510Y should clock up to 3.9GHz. Both the i5 and i7 processors have similar integrated graphics chips, the Intel UHD 617.

The MacBook with the i5 processor gets a score of 3970 in single-core and 7383 in multi-core. The i7 one doesn’t seem to be significantly better, with a score of 4249 in single-core and 8553 in multi-core. Both the i7-8510Y and i5-8210Y are based on the Amber Lake generation with extremely low power requirements, running at a TDP of only 7W. Although the scores are quite decent for passively cooled CPUs.

TechRadar in their review of the i5 model did find occasional lags and slowdowns, which is expected from a 7W CPU. So users who want a slightly better experience can wait for the i7 model. For everyone else who can sacrifice some battery life, the MacBook Pro will make more sense, given its significantly better performance.

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