New Leaks Suggest Pixel 3a and Pixel 3aXL Will be Launched in the Sub $400 Category

Google’s Pixel phones have earned a specific reputation in the smartphone world. They provide excellent software experience but don’t really care about the hardware. Pixel 3/3XL are the current flagships of the lineup, and they rule the smartphone camera experience. The pixel devices have always been catered towards the high-end market. The feature set they provide and the price they ask makes these devices obsolete in the low-end markets, even the mid-range markets as well.

The most prominent critique pixels have to face is, “there is not a pixel for everyone.” The exclusivity factor in the Android space is never welcomed. According to leaks and reports, Google is working on a new set of mid-range pixel devices to face the problem at hand. The leak bandwagon regarding the mid-range pixel devices is on a roll for quite some time now. Apparently, Google has stopped worrying about the leaks as Google itself has leaked the key information regarding these devices.

They provided the names of these devices. These will be called Pixel 3a and Pixel 3aXL. It was spotted by the Verge when one of their viewers saw the page for the Pixel 3a/XL on Google’s store website. By the time, they logged on to those pages; they were dead. That said, the name was practically the only thing that the community did not know before.

The Verge
Screenshot by the Verge

The major leaks about specifications of the devices are scattered everywhere. They suggest that these devices will be Google’s champion in the mid-range market.

Coming to the more recent leak about the pricing and the availability of these devices. According to the report, the retail price of these devices will be in the 300-350 dollars range. More specifically, the Pixel 3a may cost around 300 dollars, and its bigger brother may cost approximately $350.

Leaks have suggested that Google was calling these devices “midyear experiences“. It can only mean one thing; we would not have to wait until October for these devices. Since Google itself posted a link to these devices, it is rational to assume that these devices are on the verge of being launched.-

That said, we are now looking towards Google’s I/0 conference on May 7th. Lastly, for all the audiophiles out there, the 3.5mm jack may return in these devices. Stay tuned, for more information about these devices and their detailed review.

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