New Leak Reveals Specifications of Samsung’s Galaxy Chromebook 2

Samsung introduced its first premium Chromebook at the start of the year. One expects the Chromebook to have good battery life, but Samsung’s first Galaxy Chromebook could not come close to the industry standard. On top of it, the thin and light laptop heavily suffered from overheating. The rumors of a sequel to the device have already started circling which means Samsung is looking to replace the device as soon as possible.

The initial renders of the laptops have already been leaked, and it seems Samsung is going forward with its flashy color schemes and bezel-less design. These renders suggest that Samsung has slightly altered port placement. The image reveals the ports present on the left side. These include a USB-C port, 3.5mm headphone jack, volume rocker, and an SD card slot.

Galaxy Chromebook 2 via slashleaks

On the other hand, an exclusive leak by slashleaks has now revealed the internal specifications of the Chromebook. It is probably a slide from an internal presentation. Contrary to the initial beliefs, Samsung will go with Intel’s 10th gen processors. It should be noted that the 11th gen processors are already out. The weight of the laptop will be slightly higher, at 2.75 lbs. The increase in weight could be because of a beefier cooling solution and a bigger battery. The slide promises that it will have 12+ hours of battery life, which (if true) would be a significant increase compared to its predecessor. In terms of acoustics, the slide claims that the speakers will be 178% louder.

Lastly, Samsung may reveal the laptop at the start of next year, possibly during CES 2021.

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New Leak Reveals Specifications of Samsung’s Galaxy Chromebook 2

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