New Intel Roadmap Leak Shows 10nm++ and PCIe Gen 5 Support Planned For 2021, 7nm Coming In 2022

Intel’s 10nm launch has been part of a lot of speculations and heated discussions on the internet. They did ship 10nm Cannon Lake chips this year, which was a low-end product meant for mobile devices (i3-8121U 2C/4T). Intel in a investors meet this year did reveal an updated roadmap which included more 10nm products for datacentres and servers. The recent Roadmap leak (Spotted By Wccftech)  seems to fall in line with that but gives more insight into future products.

New Roadmap Detailing Products in 2020

Leaked Roadmap Source – momomo_us

Intel is going to release Cooper Lake and Ice Lake server chips in 2020. Cooper Lake SP is going to feature up to 48 cores, with 8 channels of DDR4 memory support. Then we have the Ice Lake-SP processors coming in late 2020. It will be on Intel’s 10nm node and will have up to 26 cores. Ice Lake-SP will have PCIe Gen 4 support which will be lacking in Cooper Lake-SP (PCIe Gen 3.0). Although Cooper Lake will have exclusive support for bfloat16 instruction set which helps in ML applications.

Both these processors will be on the Whitley Platform so motherboards for these chips might come with inherent PCIe Gen 4 support, regardless of support from the chip.

Ice Lake Successor Coming In 2021

Sapphire Rapids-SP is due in 2021. It will be based on Intel’s 10nm++ node. 10nm chips right now use Sunny Cove cores, in 2021 Sapphire Rapids-SP chips will use the updated Willow Cove cores.

Sapphire Rapids-SP chips will also bring PCIe Gen 5.0 support on the Eagle Stream platform. Sunny Cove is Intel’s biggest microarchitecture upgrade in some time, as we state in an article here  “Apart from an increase in raw IPC output there will be general improvements as well. Intel on their Architecture day showcase contextualized the improvements as “Wider” and “Deeper”. Sunny Cove has a larger L1 and L2 cache, also having 5-wide allocations instead of 4. Execution ports are also increased, going from 8 to 10 in Sunny Cove.”

It will be interesting to see the kind of performance bump Intel brings with 10nm++.

7nm Coming in 2022?

According to this roadmap Granite Rapids is scheduled for 2022. This will be Intel’s first entry in 7nm chips. It will be on the Golden Cove core architecture.

Some of this has been confirmed by Intel but the rest is speculation at this point. Intel will be a year behind AMD in PCIe 4.0 support, hopefully, they can catch up with PCIe 5.0 scheduled for 2021. You can read more on Intel’s 10nm chips here.

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New Intel Roadmap Leak Shows 10nm++ and PCIe Gen 5 Support Planned For 2021, 7nm Coming In 2022

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