OnePlus Doesn’t Have A Timeline For The OnePlus TV

OnePlus has come a long way since their original OnePlus One phone. At the time, OnePlus was a small unknown smartphone manufacturer operating out of China moreover Chinese smartphone brands did not really do well outside Asia, and the market was dominated by the likes of Apple and Samsung. Fast forward a few years and OnePlus is now a major brand in the smartphone industry, competing with the likes off Apple and Samsung, surpassing big and established firms like LG and HTC in the process.

Earlier this year, OnePlus allegedly passed both Apple and Samsung to become the best-selling smartphone brand in India’s premium category. After the success of the OnePlus smartphones, OnePlus is now aiming to break into another industry.

OnePlus TV

Earlier this year, OnePlus had announced their plans for a smart TV. Fans from all around the world have been waiting for more details on the TV and finally, OnePlus has shed a little more light on its plans for the OnePlus TV.  The CEO and Founder Pete Lau stated that the company has plans to release the TV in 2019. However, Chinese publication firm TechWeb are claiming that they have received more information from OnePlus. They state that OnePlus have not set a hard-line date for the release of the OnePlus TV instead they might take it slow and release it in 2020. Fans did want more information on the TV, however, this was not the news they were expecting.

OnePlus has stated that they want to take their time with the product and they “don’t want to release something that’s more or less already out there in the market.” Pete Lau also has stated during an interview with Indian Publication Economic Times that the first country to get the OnePlus TV would be India, which is one of OnePlus’ key markets, and that it will be available through Amazon. The only statement made by OnePlus regarding the pricing has been that the TV will carry ‘competitive pricing’. OnePlus claims;

It will also be a flagship killer, like we do with smartphones, at a very competitive pricing. We see that currently, as one goes down the price points, the picture, sound and build qualities deteriorate. We want to create a seamless Internet experience that creates a true Smart TV, going beyond what is traditional in this space.”

From this we can speculate that the TV will meet 2018 standards with a 4K LED Panel, and other smart features.

Bill Wilson
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