New Google Camera 7.3 Code Points Towards 24fps Recording & New Pixel 4a Devices

Google Camera is what makes the Pixel devices great. Its the software approach that went for so long to work for the Pixel. Recently an update dropped for some devices, the version 7.3. While this version does not contain much in it, it does have certain features which bring light to newer updates. We find this updated news through an article covered on XDA-Developers.

Firstly, there is a do not disturb mode for video making. This is quite nice of them to add since it is always a pain when you’re shooting and suddenly your phone buzzes to kill the entire footage. Secondly, upon analysing the code for this update, people at XDA found something new about the upcoming updates of Android and the new Pixel 4 (budget) models.

Talking about the feature first, this entire update is focused more on the video making side of things. We know that is important, considering the fact that this is the area where the Pixel devices lack severely. Currently, there is a 30fps option at 4K for the Pixel 4 and an auto/ 30fps/ 60fps options for 1080p available. Now though, the code exhibits a newer 24fps option which would actually appeal the filmmakers who use their cellphones to create content.

Line of Code as shown on XDA-Developers

Secondly, the code also defined some peculiar names which were found out before in some older java code. Names like Sunfish, Redfin and Bramble were present which pointed towards upcoming Pixel devices.

We see in the code that Sunfish is the Pixel 4a and Bramble is the Pixel 4a XL. Meanwhile, Redfin is likely just a development board, as the article suggests. The article concludes by saying that this is purely based on observing the code and speculation. We may find out about Google’s 2020 mid tier devices pretty soon though.

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New Google Camera 7.3 Code Points Towards 24fps Recording & New Pixel 4a Devices

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