New Google Assistant UI Update Reportedly In Works With Redesigned Bottom Bar

It’s been quite a while since virtual assistants made their debut in the industry. Ever since their launch, developers have been actively working to improve them. There is an intense competition between Google Assistant, Siri and Cortana as the respective developers work towards incorporating more features in them.  Today, a server-side update from one person reveals that Google is working on a new bottom bar.

A Redesigned Bottom Bar

As XDA Developers reports, ” Google Lens and keyboard buttons have been brought closer to the microphone button. For those who are holding their phone naturally with one hand, this makes accessing that Google Lens button a lot easier on bigger phones. In place of those two empty corner spots, we can see that Google has dropped down the Visual Snapshot icon to the left side of the bottom bar while the Explore icon has been tucked in the right corner of the bottom bar.”

The redesigned bottom bar | Source: XDA Developers

The current version has three buttons in the bar, with lens microphone and keyboard occupying the left, center and right positions respectively. The Explore and Visual Snapshot occupy the top corner. While the earlier layout was pretty decent, the new layout does improve accessibility.  Bringing the more used buttons closer would definitely help in accessing them conveniently while using the phone with one hand.

There is no information about the fact that whether it is a A/B test or if it’s a permanent change, but Google is definitely working on something. While the new bar does look a bit clustered, it’ll surely benefit users with large display devices. And, with large display being a norm in the industry these days, it was about time that Google made a change to Google Assistant UI.

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