New Doom 2 Mod Adds a 64 Player Battle Royale Mode

Lately, more and more games have jumped on the battle royale bandwagon. With the craze sweeping across all types of games, including Dying Light with Bad Blood and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with Blackout, a mod maker has created a battle royale mode for Doom 2. The classic shooter game, originally released in 1994, has a mod in development that lets you play a battle royale game mode with up to 64 players and 8 AI bots.

Doom Royale

Recently, the Doom Royale (with Cheese) mod underwent its first official test with 24 bots. Mod creator Retrodex Gaming shared a video of the test, check it out below:

As is evident from the video, the mod is in its early stages and still has a long way to go. During testing, the modder ran into memory issues when attempting to add more than 32 bots per match. Based on the original Doom’s Episode One, the current version of the Doom Royale mod has a fully functional shrinking play zone, random weapons and item spawns. The map is custom-made created by “stitching” three levels from the first episode.

Doom Battle Royale
Doom Royale

The modder describes the current state of the mod as a “proof of concept” and says“This is very rough work so far, and more a proof of concept than the final product. I’ve hit a huge hiccup when it comes to getting any more than 32 bots in the map, but that may be due to my severe lack of RAM at the moment!!!”

While the mod has not been officially released, a test version is available to play using Zandronum 3.0. After installation, the Doom Royale – Test Server can be accessed in Doomseeker, or by manually connecting to Of course, you will also need a copy of Doom 2, which is available to purchase on Steam.

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New Doom 2 Mod Adds a 64 Player Battle Royale Mode

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