New Crusader Kings 2 Subscription Service Unlocks Over $300 Worth of DLCs for $5 Per Month

Grand strategy game Crusader Kings 2 is getting a new subscription service for all of its expansion packs. Developer Paradox Interactive announced today that Crusader Kings 2 expansions are now available in the form of a affordable monthly subscription. Players will have access to the game and approximately $300 worth of DLCs for $5 a month.

“With so much additional content available, the cost for new Crusader Kings II players can seem prohibitive or intimidating,” writes Paradox. “This is an affordable way for players to experience the entire Crusader Kings II catalog without having to weigh which items they would prefer to purchase.”

As for the contents of the subscription, it includes all expansions, unit, and music packs Crusader Kings 2 received since its release in 2012. Here’s exactly what is contained in the expansion service:

  • 13 major expansions, including the fierce Norse of The Old Gods, the eastern riches of Rajas of India and the scheming vassals of Conclave.
  • 12 unit packs, including new army sprites for your medieval forces
  • 14 music packs, including two heavy metal scores
  • 10 portrait packs of clothing and faces for rulers around the world
  • The Game Converter which lets you export your saved game to Europa Universalis IV
  • The Crusader Kings II Ruler Designer, so you can create your own starting monarch
  • and many more improvements to the core game experience

“This does not mean it is the only way to get DLC moving forward. The Subscription service is entirely optional and purchasing a single or multiple DLC packs without the Subscription is still an option.”

As far as value for money, this is a pretty good deal. Expansion packs for Paradox games are always loaded with content but buying them all can set you back quite a bit. Fortunately, the new subscription is an easy way for players to trial the DLCs and figure out if they want to buy it or not. If you stop the subscription, you will lose access to all unowned expansions.

Paradox says that they are exploring similar services for its other titles. The Crusader Kings 2 Expansion Subscription is available now on Steam for $5 per month.


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