Netrunner 2018.08 Updates KDE and Upgrades Krita to Version 4.x

Netrunner is a Debian-based distribution that features a customized KDE desktop and a wide array of applications, codecs, and plugins, all with a friendly user interface. The operating system released a separate “Rolling edition” based upon the Manjaro Linux back in 2014. Netrunner Rolling was discontinued briefly in between and then relaunched in 2017. Now, the Netrunner Rolling 2018.08 64bit ISO has just been released and the developers have explained that the update features upgrades to KDE, Qt, and the Linux Kernel among a long list of other things.

From a technical standpoint, in version 2018.08, the KDE Plasma has been upgraded to version 5.13.3. KDE Frameworks has been upgraded to version 5.48 and KDE Applications has been upgraded to version 18.04. Qt is incorporated in its version 5.11.1 and the Linux Kernel has received a wholesome upgrade to version 4.17. In addition to this, Firefox Quantum has been upgraded to version 61.0 and Thunderbird has also received an upgrade to its version 52.5.

GTK Apps Kwin border integration with Plasma desktop. Netrunner

According to a release post from the developers, GTK Apps can now use Kwin borders to integrate itself nicely with the rest of the Plasma desktop environment. Another major change is that Krita is now incorporated as a version 4.x release, version 4.1.1 in the case of this release, which features some wonderful upgrades such as the reference images tool, color picking blending option, and animation improvements which bring new frame actions such as moving frames.

Krita 4.1.1. Netrunner

The UI related KCM modules have also gotten a redesign as they’ve been revamped into a section called “Plasma Tweaks” for user choice customization through the new sidebar layout. Version 2018.08 also comes with the new Plasma Theme built in with integrated transparency to allow for experimentation with the new blur display options. A default wallpaper style has also been put into place because as the developers so plainly stated “why not.”

“Plasma Tweaks” configuration using the new sidebar layout. Netrunner

The Netrunner Rolling 2018-08 64bit ISO is available for download on the operating system’s website.

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Netrunner 2018.08 Updates KDE and Upgrades Krita to Version 4.x

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