Netflix Updates its iOS App with Revamped UI and Several Changes

On Monday, Netflix updated its iOS app, giving the platform’s iPhone edition a modernised user interface. With the use of parallax effects, which move things when the user moves the phone, the new interface has new, flowing movements. 

You’ll see a large card advertising a Netflix movie or series when you launch the app on your iPhone. The accelerometer of the iPhone is being used to move this card with a parallax effect. But that’s only one aspect of the revamp; no matter which area of the app you’re reading, it’s now even simpler to filter material by category, navigate between profiles, or use search.

A movie or television program’s art cover expands when you tap on it to reveal all the information about it. “The Coming Soon” page has been changed to “What’s New” and now displays user-recommended items as well. 

The project’s development began in 2022, according to former Netflix UI designer Janum Trivedi, who worked on the new interface for the Netflix app. “I’ve been leading a UI refresh to make Netflix feel more fluid, delightful, and polished. Today, all that work shipped,” Trivedi wrote on Twitter. Below is a quick video that he shared demonstrating the new interface. 

These are the changes that come with the Netflix update: 

  • New billboard layout responds as you move your device, with a subtle lighting effect
  • Beautiful wallpaper gradients that are created on-the-fly from the art
  • A new card transition that’s fully interruptible/interactive
  • New launch/profile animations, haptics, and more! 

It’s interesting to note that the former Netflix employee also claimed that the firm is “giving it some love” for the Apple TV version of its app, indicating that Netflix may eventually release a redesigned user interface for tvOS.


Muhammad Zuhair

Passionate about technology and gaming content, Zuhair focuses on analysing information and then presenting it to the audience.
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