Netflix Pushes an Update for Android Users: xHE-AAC Codec Introduced to Output Better Audio in Places With Distortive Background Noise

Netflix continues to improve its services. The company has somehow managed to be the benchmark streaming service in the world. Not to mention, with the widest reach, Netflix is the most popular streaming service in the market. Now, they increase streaming quality via good servers and some software tweaks here and there. This time around, they have done something for the Android users as well.

The company teased that it would be bringing a new update to the Android app which would allow better audio delivery. They accomplish this with the xHE-AAC codec to their content. Now, what does the xHe-AAC codec bring to the table. We take help from an article posted on The Verge to better describe the new update.

xHE-AAC Codec: What Does it mean and how is it helpful?

Let us address the problem first. A lot of people face issues listening to their audio when in crowded spaces. Another issue is that not a lot of phones have stereo speakers on them. This causes a tinny output from the tiny speakers on said devices. Netflix wants to curb this issue and then some.

With software integration of the xHE-AAC codec, they plan on adding this to their android apps. This has been present in laptop devices for some time now. What this does is bring audio levels up a notch, in laymen terms, and balances a lot of the highs and lows. This gives out a louder, more clear audio, depending on the location you are. You can see the difference in audio levels before and after the update in the article embedded with this one.

Audio levels before and after the update: Before (Left), After (Right). Source: The Verge

Additionally, there is also a detection of the connection level. You get video and audio output based on the internet connection you have. Netflix has been doing this with video for some time now, optimising it based on the internet speed. With the new update, users will not face hindrance in audio quality based on internet speed. This is a good addition as poor video can be dealt with but distorted audio just ruins the experience altogether.

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Netflix Pushes an Update for Android Users: xHE-AAC Codec Introduced to Output Better Audio in Places With Distortive Background Noise

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