Netflix, Prime Video and Now We May Have Microsoft Movies

Anonymous sources have informed Windows Central that a new movies and TV app for Android and iOS phone screens is in the pipeline and Microsoft will be releasing it soon. The move is aimed at encouraging users to purchase more viewing material from the Microsoft Store.

Ever since Microsoft had announced that it is not focused on Windows 10 mobile anymore, efforts have been in place by the company to bring the best of features to Windows 10 on Android and iOS. The strategy worked efficiently with applications like Microsoft Launcher and Edge which gained millions of downloads from Google and Apple app stores. However, other applications such as Movies & TV were left out which is presently only available for Xbox, PC, and Windows 10 mobile browsers. It was unfortunate for the movie buffs and was a barrier for any possible new customers who were looking to purchase TV or movie content. It comes as great news that Microsoft has finally decided to work on bringing such an app to Android and iOS.

The development of this app is an indication that Microsoft has finally stopped paying attention to Windows 10 mobile after dedicated efforts to make it work. It never could turn into a tempting proposition for Windows handsets users.

The new Movies and TV app would allow viewers to begin watching movies and TV on a personal computer then continue it on their phone, making the movie and TV series collection available on Microsoft store more appealing.

Maira Ahmed
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