‘Netflix Ciri’ Mod For The Witcher 3 Is Based on the Ongoing Controversy

A new mod for The Witcher 3 has popped up on Nexus Mods and is causing quite a stir in the community. The ‘Netflix Ciri’ mod is a simple retexture mod inspired by the controversy that arose regarding the cast of Ciri in The Witcher Netflix series. A few days ago, a rumor began spreading that Netflix intends to cast a woman of color to play the role of Ciri in the upcoming TV series. Inspired by the events that followed, Nexus Mods user Moon created a mod for The Witcher 3 that would recolor the skin textures of Ciri in-game.

Netflix Ciri

The actual mod, available to download for free on Nexus Mods, simply alters the appearance of Ciri in-game. Since its release on September 11th, the mod has been viewed over 40,000 times and has quickly become the center of attention. Although the intent of the mod developer is unclear, its very likely that the Netflix Ciri mod has been inspired by the controversial events.

Ciri Retexture Mod
Netflix Ciri

On the other hand, another leak that popped up on Reddit points towards something else. According to a post on the Witcher subreddit, an anonymous source shared some information regarding the casting of Ciri. The author of the post claims that casting for the character of Young Ciri is currently ongoing in Poland, and they are interested in a “Caucasian/White Polish”.

Following the backlash caused by the controversy, showrunner Lauren Hissrich took a break from Twitter. In her most recent Tweet, she said that while “the love here is amazing”, she needs to take time off in order to focus on writing. Die-hard fans of the Witcher series have voiced their opinions stating that the show must stick to the ‘source material’ i.e. the original novel. Regardless, the decision has not yet been made and we will have to wait and see how the whole Ciri fiasco pans out in the future.

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