NetBSD 7.2 comes with Security & Stability Enhancements as well as USB 3.0 Support

NetBSD has come out with a new release for the 7.x series. The second feature update of NetBSD 7, NetBSD version 7.2, comes with a few new features and enhancements including, most prominently, the support of the USB 3.0 device as well as improvements for the Linux emulation. The latest release also supports the Raspberry Pi 3 computer range, adapting the release to be compatible for running on those devices, and the release ramps up updates for several drivers to make all of this possible.

The release announcement for the NetBSD 7.2 states that this update incorporates substantial bug fixes and enhancements for overall improvement of the stability and security of NetBSD. The update also introduces new features such as the few mentioned above and other fixes in binary compatibility for ancient NetBSD executables. The iwm(4) driver for Intel Wireless 726x, 316x, 826x, and 416x has also been incorporated and a legacy network adapter has been improved to resolve a setup interruption found in the Hyper-V VMs.

In addition to these changes, the SVR4 and IBCS2 compatibility subsystems have been disabled by default. The exception to this rule is IBCS2 on VAX which still remains enabled. What’s more is that these subsystems will not be auto-loading their modules anymore. Building atop the introduction of USB 3.0 support, several security and stability enhancements have been made to ensure that the USB 3.0 system in place is run smoothly and securely.

In spite of this update and the security fixes that it brings, atop the release notes, the general security note reads that new users are advised to jump directly to NetBSD 8.0, the most improved and secure version of NetBSD. For those who want to download NetBSD through ISO or USB disk images, irrespective of the desired version, it is advised to download the torrent files using the BitTorrent client available on the site.

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NetBSD 7.2 comes with Security & Stability Enhancements as well as USB 3.0 Support

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