AMD Navi 3X Configuration Leaked, Navi 31 To Feature 96MB of Infinity Cache

With each passing day, RDNA 3 draws near. We have not received much news regarding these GPUs in general. However, a while back a few reports surfaced related to the Navi 3X chips featuring this architecture.

AMD’s RDNA 3 Lineup | RedGamingTech

Recently, over at angstronomics, news came up regarding the possible specifcations for the Navi 3X GPUs. The configurations were initialized back in 2019 and since 2020, no changes have been made. 

Navi 31

  • gfx1100 (Plum Bonito)
  • Chiplet – 1x GCD + 6x MCD (0-hi or 1-hi)
  • 48 WGP (96 legacy CUs, 12288 ALUs)
  • 6 Shader Engines / 12 Shader Arrays
  • Infinity Cache 96MB (0-hi), 192MB (1-hi)
  • 384-bit GDDR6
  • GCD on TSMC N5, ~308 mm²
  • MCD on TSMC N6, ~37.5 mm²

Initially, we had renders (unofficial) for the Navi 31 showing a GCD size of around 350mm² where if we take the MCDs into account then the total die size bumps up to 600mm². The GCD features 48 WGP (Work Group Processors) and on the other hand the 6 MCDs ship with 16MBs of Infinity Cache (each). The total Infinity Cache on the Navi 31 sums up to be around 96MB (16MBx6)

A cut down variant may offer 42 WGPs and 5 MCDs (One less than the full fat Navi 31) for 80MB of Infinity Cache.

Navi 31 Old Render | Wild_C

Navi 32

  • gfx1101 (Wheat Nas)
  • Chiplet – 1x GCD + 4x MCD (0-hi)
  • 30 WGP (60 legacy CUs, 7680 ALUs)
  • 3 Shader Engines / 6 Shader Arrays
  • Infinity Cache 64MB (0-hi)
  • 256-bit GDDR6
  • GCD on TSMC N5, ~200 mm²
  • MCD on TSMC N6, ~37.5 mm²

angstronomics claims that Navi 32 powered GPUs may arrive sometime in 2023, possibly in the first quarter. Navi 32 will be powered by 64MB of Infinity Cache, which turns out to be lower than Navi 22‘s (Last Gen) 96MB. In addition, the GCD and MCD will be manufactured on different process nodes, possibly to save costs.  

Navi 32 Old Render | Wild_C

Navi 33

  • gfx1102 (Hotpink Bonefish)
  • Monolithic
  • 16 WGP (32 legacy CUs, 4096 ALUs)
  • 2 Shader Engines / 4 Shader Arrays
  • Infinity Cache 32MB
  • 128-bit GDDR6
  • TSMC N6, ~203 mm²

The budget segment targeted Navi 33 shows decent specifications featuring 16 WGPs and 32MBs of Infinity Cache. Although, leaks point towards a monolithic design (1 GCD/ No MCD) being used on this GPU. AMD really did dial down on the initial expectations, possibly leaving too many loose ends. Can this attempt to save costs be used against them in performance?

Navi 33 Old Render | Wild_C

Intel Arc vs Navi 33

As a small footnote, angstronomics mentions that Navi 33 powered GPUs such as the possibly RX 7500 XT will crush Intel’s highest end offerings while costing two times less. That’s a huge claim!  The Arc A770 is neck to neck with the RTX 3070. Take these leaks with a grain of salt, but if this does turn out to be true then AMD could open the Pandora’s box spelling trouble for NVIDIA

AMD”s RDNA 3 Lineup so far

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