Neil Druckmann Next Project at Naughty Dog Is “Structured Like A TV Show”

It appears that for their next game, Naughty Dog will be taking a very different approach, with a strong emphasis on the storyline.

When recently interviewed by Alex Barasch of The New Yorker, Naughty Dog co-president and The Last of Us creator Neil Druckmann discussed his plans to try new things with Naughty Dog’s next game. An article titled “Can ‘The Last of Us’ Break the Curse of Bad Video-Game Adaptations?” was published this week, where  Druckmann discusses in depth the upcoming HBO adaptation, and generally about video game adaptations.

Not giving too much away, the creator of The Last of Us said that the new game would be “structured more like a TV show” than a video game and that the writing style would be very different. Given that the studio has been producing cinematic games ever since Uncharted, this is an interesting claim to make. In fact, the original The Last of Us could be said to have a structure similar to that of a television series, which helped immensely with the adaptation. In addition, Druckmann stated that he is in the process of constructing a writers’ room similar to those created for television shows, rather than writing it alone or with a co-author.

A new rumour surfaced in early December suggesting that Druckmann would be leading Naughty Dog’s next game, which would be The Last of Us Part III. In that case, it would join the PC port of The Last of Us Part I and the multiplayer standalone spin-off for the series, Factions 2, as one of the three games currently in development at Naughty Dog.

While there is little to no news on the upcoming project, it is safe to assume that details will soon be coming out, and we will make sure to keep you updated. Till then, let us know what you think of Druckmann’s new approach that he is taking towards the next project.


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