Images Showcasing Nickelodeon’s All Stars Brawl 2 Have Allegedly Leaked Online

Images from Nickelodeon‘s All-Stars Brawl 2 have reportedly leaked, and there’s a lot to talk about. Firstly, its predecessor, the All-Stars Brawl, was released not too long ago, and it did not receive as much attention as was hoped for. It was also not particularly well received by critics, receiving a 7/10 rating from both Steam and IGN.

If you don’t already know, Nickelodeon All Stars Brawl is a fighting game featuring characters from various Nickelodeon TV shows. It was developed by Ludosity and Fair Play Labs and published by GameMill Entertainment in 2021.

The leaked screenshots for NASB 2 first appeared on Reddit, and they show a lot of changes and new additions. The first thing we notice is that Squidward will be joining the others, along with some reworked characters like Patrick and Danny Phantom.

NASB 2 leaked from AllStarBrawl

The original source of these images has yet to be determined, but Reddit user KlausHeissler09 claims that he received them from someone on Discord. It is however speculated that these images first appeared on 4Chan before heading over to Discord.

One of the characters that was requested the most to be included was Squidward. However, a lot of work was also put into the development of other characters. For example, Patrick’s attack has been changed so that he now uses his house to flip it over the head of his opponent.

After Patrick and Squidward, it was time for Danny Phantom whose overall outlook was changed so that he resembles the way he actually looks. This part was also leaked on Reddit by the user Fabulous_Mud_alt3. The first game made him into a 3-D model; however, these recent leaks showcase the character in 2-D.

Another Leak for the supposed nasb 2. Seems danny will have an updated model. Assuming it looks weird because of the side angle. Could be similar to jenny where it doesn’t look weird on the side. from AllStarBrawl

It’s important to take these leaks with a grain of salt, because the game hasn’t even been announced, let alone the changes. As a result, these leaks for this reason have no weight; however, if they turn out to be true, we will keep you updated.

In the meantime, let us know what you think about the game, as well as whether or not you believe the changes will enable the developers to push this game further than its predecessor.



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