Nancy Pelosi Sells of 25,000 NVIDIA Shares As the Senate Advances CHIPS Act

Nancy Pelosi’s exceptional stock selection abilities have attracted notice recently, helped along by the assumption that the current Speaker of the US House of Representatives frequently comes out on top in stock trades. In light of this, Pelosi’s recent actions with the stock of NVIDIA naturally garnered a lot of attention.

To clarify, Paul Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi’s husband, purchased 200 call options pertaining to 20,000 NVIDIA shares, according to a recent Periodic Transaction Report filed by Nancy Pelosi. The exercise price for these options, which were bought in 2021, was $100.

There were several questions raised by the timing of this transaction, which followed increasing enthusiasm for the CHIPS bill. Recall that the US Innovation and Competition Act‘s domestic semiconductor research, design, and manufacturing requirements are intended to be supported by around $52 billion in federal funding through the creating helpful incentives to produce semiconductors for America.

Now we are getting to the core of the issue. Pelosi sold 25,000 NVIDIA shares for a loss of $341,365, according to the most recent Periodic Transactions Report submitted to the Clerk of the US House of Representatives.


Importantly, Pelosi still has 50 NVIDIA LEAPS with a $100 strike price that expire on September 16th. These LEAPS were purchased on July 23, 2021, when NVIDIA’s stock price was $195. The semiconductor stock is now trading at $173 as a point of comparison. This means that if the House Speaker were to execute these contracts right now, she would probably lose money on the inherent value of them.


Muhammad Zuhair

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