NAMCO Museum Archives Volumes 1& 2 Now Available For Xbox One: Retro Games Like Pac-Man, Galaga & More Included

There has been a trend for retro gaming for quite some time now. It was perhaps with the Xbox 360 Arcade version that we saw this. The console came with a demo/arcade disk which had these mini-games. Another main console to host a lot of arcade games is perhaps the Nintendo Switch. The console, in the modern-day actually highlights some of the retro titles. Supporting, via the eShop, many titles and packs from Sega, Nintendo and so on, the Switch actually brings back retro gaming to the mix.

NAMCO’s Museum Archives

Now, we see this transition coming to the Xbox as well. According to an article from Major Nelson, the Xbox One would be getting (it is available now, in fact) the NAMCO Museum Archive. A little bit of information about what it actually is. Well, the title offers a pack of most retro titles from Namco such as PacMan in one single game. These can be accessed and played on the console. Unlike on an emulator, these games are made just for these consoles and can be changed too. This means that users have the ability to change aspect ratios, resolutions, and so on.

According to the article, there are two volumes to the game. The first and the second volume both cost the same money, coming in at $19.99 each. The games library in both the volumes is different though. Both titles come with 11 games each inside. The list of games in each and its information can be seen in the screenshots below.

From Major Nelson, details on the 2 volumes

Coming to the point of whether you should get this. Keeping in mind that these games do not come in cheap, only a true gamer or someone who wants to feel nostalgic should go for this. Let’s be honest here, you won’t be spending weeks on these titles anyway.


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