N7 Day Brings Good News for the fans; Mass Effect Legendary Edition Announced for Consoles and PC

Also hints on a potential sequel to the series

November 7th is a particularly memorable day for Mass Effect fans. Started in 2012, the day signifies how important Mass Effect has been in the life of players and developers alike. Especially, the character and story progression aspects of the series have made it a legendary series. The word N7 comes from armor worn by General Shepard, the lead character of the games. ‘N’ shows the classification for special forces, and ‘7’ comes from Shepard’s rank in the Interplanetary Combatives Academy or the N-School.

For years fans have been waiting for a remaster or a new entry in the series, but EA and the developers at BioWare have been very quiet. A few days ago, rumors started creeping up all over the internet that this time around, the N7 day will come with good news for Mass Effect fans, and Good news it is. BioWare has officially announced the Mass Effect legendary edition for current and next-gen consoles and the PC.

The legendary edition includes single-player content and every DLC from all games in the trilogy. According to the VP, the studio has been hard at work upgrading character models, textures, shaders, and technical features. He specified that the goal of the exercise was to modernize the games making sure that the core gameplay and other elements of the games stay intact. The only sad part of the news is we still do not have a release date.

Lastly, he also talked about how they are exploring and envisioning a new chapter in the Mass Effect series. It does not mean that they will make another game for the series; it just means that they are fiddling around with the idea.

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N7 Day Brings Good News for the fans; Mass Effect Legendary Edition Announced for Consoles and PC

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