Mystery Intel Xe GPU with 128 Execution Units Surface’s Online Indicating Xe DG2 dGPU?

An engineering sample of unreleased and early-stage discrete GPU from Intel has appeared online. The dGPU would obviously belong to the Intel Iris Xe family. However, the Graphics Processing Unit appears to pack 128 Executing Units, which is substantially more than the current-gen Xe Iris Max dGPU.

A new mystery dGPU from Intel has surfaced online in the Geekbench database. There are several key pieces of information that indicate the CPU maker is already deep in the development of next generations of GPUs that will succeed the Intel Iris Max discrete GPU which will arrive with Intel Rocket Lake and Tiger Lake CPUs.

Intel Xe with 128 Execution Units Could Be Intel Xe DG2?

Back when the Intel Xe GPU was still a rumor, there were ample indications about the company already developing its successor. The Intel Xe DG1 was later officially named the Intel Iris Xe MAX dGPU. It has 96 Execution Units or 96 EU. It is not a powerful GPU, and will certainly be part of mid-range laptops.

Now, a new mystery Intel Gen12 Desktop Graphics Controller has surfaced online. The Geekbench database lists the dGPU with 128 Compute Units. This is quite higher than the 96 EUs within the first-gen Intel Xe dGPU.

Despite packing more Compute Units, the mystery Intel Gen12 dGPU performs way lower than the Intel Xe DG1 or Intel Iris MAX dGPU. The Gen12 Desktop Graphics Controller with 3 GB of memory and a maximum frequency of 1.4 GHz only scored 9311 points. This is far lower than the Xe MAX discrete GPU for laptops.

Needless to add, the new unreleased dGPU from Intel is clearly an early-stage Engineering Sample (ES). It is quite likely that the ES might be based either on Xe-LP or Xe-HPG architecture. The Intel DG2 GPU is due to release next year. The DG1 GPU that powers the Iris Xe MAX graphics card is limited to 96 EUs (768 shading units).

[Image Credit: @TUM_APISAK/Geekbench]
The specifications of the DG2 are not yet known. However, previous rumors claimed the processors might offer up to 384 EUs (3072 shading units). Although it is not clear if the Intel DG2 will feature Xe-LP or HPG architectures, it is certain that the next-gen dGPU will have more cores than DG1 GPUs.

The Intel DG2 should debut alongside the Alder Lake-P CPUs. These new-gen CPUs should be a part of laptops and notebooks that will arrive late next year.

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Mystery Intel Xe GPU with 128 Execution Units Surface’s Online Indicating Xe DG2 dGPU?

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