Mystery Intel ‘Ice Lake SP’ 14C/28T Server CPU Leaked Benchmark Confirms High Performance 10nm Processors In Final Testing Stages?

Intel’s high-performance 10nm processors appear to have entered final testing stages. Leaked benchmarks seem to confirm that Intel is finally ready with its next evolutionary leap in CPU fabrication with commercial deployment in the near future. The first signs of Intel CPUs on the 10nm Fabrication Node appeared more than a year back, and the company is now ready to build high-performance processors with high core and thread count.

A benchmarking result on Sisoft Sandra seems to confirm Intel’s high-performance 10nm processors are ready for mass commercial manufacture. In other words, Intel appears to have perfected the 10nm Manufacturing Process. The latest leak seems to corroborate the earlier reports about high-performance Intel CPUs with substantial IPC gains.

Mystery Intel 10nm 14-Core / 28-Thread ‘Ice Lake SP’ Server CPU Spotted On Sisoft Sandra:

Benchmarks start appearing on Sisoft Sandra generally after all the initial prototyping stages have completed, and when the final clocks and specs have been finalized. Simply put, it is quite likely that the 10nm Engineering Samples with uncertain clock speeds and odd Turbo frequencies are moving onto to final testing and finetuning. The Intel CPU appears to be the production-ready sample that could soon be mass-produced.

The Intel CPU in question is based on the Ice Lake architecture and has 14 Cores along with 28 Threads. It features 21 MB of L3 cache and 17.5 MB of L2. The base clock speed is 2.00 GHz. For some reason, the Turbo Clock Speed is not visible. But it is quite likely to be in the range of 3.0 to 4.0 GHz. The naming of the mystery Intel CPU isn’t clear at all, but this merely indicates Intel could be testing the sample inside its own labs.

[Image Credit: Sisoft Sandra Via WCCFTech]
The results are quite impressive for a 14C/28T Intel CPU with just 2.0GHz Base Clock speed. In processor arithmetic, the CPU scores 360 GOPs. Processor Multimedia performance is 1.4 Gpix/s, while cryptography is 23 GB/s. Memory bandwidth (at 2666 MHz) is 98.1 GB/s.

The mystery Intel 10nm 14-Core / 28-Thread ‘Ice Lake SP’ Server CPU scores 360 GOPs with 12.9 points per clock per core (360/14/2=12.9). Compared to a previous generation Intel Xeon CPU Gold 6132 in dual-socket configuration, that’s an impressive 54 percent IPC gains.

Intel Ice Lake CPUs Based On Sunny Cove Architecture Mark Radical Shift In Performance And Efficiency:

Intel’s Ice Lake CPUs, based on the Sunny Cove Architecture, marks a fundamental evolutionary shift in the company’s CPU architecture usage, especially in the large-scale commercial production. Based on the early reports, the new Intel CPUs were already expected to show substantial gains in performance and power efficiency. Intel has been routinely hinting about the boost in both the key parameters, but the extent is only becoming visible now.

[Image Credit: WCCFTech]
The Intel 10nm Ice Lake derivative that will succeed 14nm Purley has been codenamed Whitley, and the latest leak seems to point towards a final or production-ready sample of an engineering sample that we reported earlier. In other words, Intel appears to be testing an Ice Lake SP CPU based on the 10nm process.

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Mystery Intel ‘Ice Lake SP’ 14C/28T Server CPU Leaked Benchmark Confirms High Performance 10nm Processors In Final Testing Stages?

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