Mystery Intel Core i5-10600 Leaks In Benchmark With 3.3GHz Base Clock Speed And Hyper-Threading?

A benchmarking listing supposedly reveals the new and as-yet-unannounced Intel processor. The Intel Core i5-10600 CPU that’s part of the testbench seems to be a new processor that the company appears to be testing. Although the listing could very likely be experimental, and the rumored Intel CPU could just be a pre-production prototype, it is still interesting to note that Intel is attempting to take AMD at the very core of the competition.

Intel has been facing intense competition from AMD lately. The latter’s 3rd Gen Ryzen and Threadripper CPUs have been performing really well, and appear to compete well against every aspect that once gave Intel a definitive lead. The latest mystery CPU that Intel appears to be testing doesn’t inspire much confidence as the company could be offering a mere “refresh” of a CPU, and that too based on the much older 14nm architecture.

Rumored Intel Core i5-10600 CPU Sporting Base Clock Of 3.3GHz and Hyper-Threading Appears In 3DMark Benchmark:

Twitter user Momomo_US has posted a screenshot of a 3DMark listing showing an Intel Core i5-10600 CPU in use. The user claims that the unconfirmed chip wasn’t properly recognized by 3DMark. Needless to mention this isn’t surprising as the Intel chip hasn’t even been announced yet. However, the other details of the Intel CPU are quite interesting, if not fascinating.

The mystery Intel chip is supposed to be an Intel Core i5-10600 CPU sporting six CPU cores and 12 threads. It is common knowledge that Intel is having extensive troubles evolving from the 14nm architecture. In fact, Intel may not even adopt the 10nm fabrication process, and instead, may jump directly onto the 7nm production process. Hence, the mystery Intel CPU appears to be a “refresh” chip that’s based on the older, almost antiquated architecture. Given the fact the chip supports Hyper-Threading isn’t something to note, especially considering the intense competition from AMD.

The mystery Intel CPU seems to sport a base-clock speed of 3300 MHz, with a boost clock of 3314 MHz. Needless to add, this doesn’t appear to be correct. However, a quick follow-up tweet from user APISAK shows another supposed screenshot that claims it Intel CPU sports a turbo clock of 4689 MHz. Simply put, the mystery Intel Core i5-10600 CPU-10600 has a base clock frequency of 3.3GHz, and can go up to 4.7 GHz during boost.

Those who follow Intel CPUs, it is amply clear that Intel is clearly struggling with enhancing the critical aspects of its CPUs, especially when compared to AMD. The mystery Intel CPU in the 3DMark benchmark sports speeds that are merely 200 MHz more than last year’s Intel Core i5-9600. Concerningly, the boost clock speeds are just 100 MHz more. Simply put, Intel could be attempting to push a new 10th-Gen Core i5, rather than a whole new product.

Alap Naik Desai
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