Chinese Manufacturer Muxi to Launch Its Gaming-Focused GPU by 2025

The demand for GPUs in China is increasing as more Chinese chipmakers create or offer their products for use in commercial, industrial, and mainstream client computing applications. However, there is a largely untapped market for a proper gaming GPU, and it appears Shanghai-based chipmaker Muxi has seized the opportunity to introduce China’s first GPU for gaming by 2025.

Since its incorporation in 2020, Shanghai-based chipmaker Muxi (Muxi Integrated Circuit Shanghai Co Ltd) has provided the domestic Chinese market with high-performance AI and general-purpose chips. The performance gap between Intel and AMD in the CPU market is progressively closing in China, but it is still huge in the GPU market.

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They are aware of this, according to Muxi. While using a 7nm production node, the business taped out its first diverse GPU in January that was intended for AI inferencing and had as its target markets AI, autonomous driving, industrial and manufacturing automation, smart cities, edge computing, and natural language processing.

They are also developing a second flagship GPU, which will go into total production in 2024. Both of these GPUs, however, are once more focused on AI. Additionally, most domestic Chinese GPUs marketed to consumers aren’t exclusively designed for gaming but focus on other markets with gaming as an add-on and cannot provide a fluid experience.

This is where the newest gaming GPU from Muxi comes into play. The company will release a brand-new GPU in 2025 and exclusively used for gaming. The GPU will support current APIs and include all necessary graphics rendering methods. This will directly compete with Innosilicon’s Fantasy One and Fantasy Two chips, which are currently being supplied to Chinese consumers.

It is necessary to highlight the strides Chinese businesses have made in the tech industry. It will be fascinating to watch how these releases will affect the market, given that firms like SMIC Innosilicon and Muxi are constantly improving their product lines.


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