X’s “Block” Feature to Be Removed in Elon Musk’s Push for Free Speech

In the ten months that have passed since the start of the Elon-era, we have witnessed multiple, rather surprising changes. At this point, it’s almost routine to expect the unexpected when it comes to these quirky changes. Today, CEO X, Elon Musk, shared that the platform is removing the ‘block’ feature. It will now only be used for direct messages.

It’s not like you can unsee specific people on the platform. For that, you’ll still have the mute feature. Now, the catch is that muting an account only hides their posts off your timeline, without ditching them or going all-out block.

Blocking simply keeps another account from looking at your public X posts, while muting just sends those posts out from your sight. Even when you “mute” someone on X or Twitter, they can still chime in on your public posts, but any way that they interact with you, won’t be addressed in your notifications.

In Elon Musk’s quest to spread the idea of “free speech” far and wide, this change now means that nobody gets the cold shoulder when reaching out to you. But, the change also brings some problems with it. This place, where everyone gets to express their opinions can sometimes be full of harsh words and arguments. This might bother people who just want a nice, personal experience.

It’s worth nothing that the feature will no longer be X Premium exclusive, rather it’ll be removed for EVERYONE.

At the time of this writing, the feature hasn’t been implemented, neither is a timeline given for when the change will come into effect. If this change affects you in any way, you can always set your profile to ‘private,’ which will only give select users access to your profile.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


Muhammad Qasim

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