Warner Bros. to Add Famous “Big Chungus” into MultiVersus

MultiVersus Season 1 has recently launched and even after an already strong beta period, the free to play MultiVersus passed another huge milestone by surpassing over 20 million players. With constant updates and communication from the development studio, it seems MultiVersus has a bright future, with plenty more content still to come in the weeks and months ahead.

The MultiVersus roster is growing because to the enormous number of brands and design patents that Warner Bros. owns, like LeBron James from Space Jam, Morty, who was just added, and even forthcoming characters like Black Adam and Stripe the Gremlin. But a new trademark filed by Warner Bros. games appears to show that even memes are allowed in MultiVersus.

Following Andrew Marmo’s information, Warner Bros. filed a trademark application with the European Union Intellectual Property Office for the Big Chungus character. The trademark, which was first submitted on August 26, would permit Warner Bros to utilize the identity and image of Big Chungus in a video game.

In the more recent Bugs Bunny meme known as Big Chungus, the famous bunny is shown as a considerably heavier form. It first gained enormous popularity in 2018. MultiVersus has become one of the best-known releases of 2022, and its fan base is impatiently awaiting the arrival of new in-game material. One of the main factors for the game’s huge popularity has been the addition of content connected to popular memes, and we anticipate that this tradition will continue in the updates to come.

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