Multiplayer Mode for Spider-Man Discovered in the PC Port’s Files

Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PS4 had been a hit win the fans after many disappointing Spider-Man games. The game raised the bar for not only Spider-Man titles but the gaming industry as a whole with its incredible fluid gameplay and web swinging. The game has recently been brought over to the PC after four years. It’s exciting, but fans got to work and discovered the possibilities of multiplayer for Spider-Man. Questions must be popping up in your head, so let’s get right into today’s news!

Details About The Multiplayer Mode For Spider-Man

With the newly released PC version for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, fans are playing the heck out of the game, but some are delving deep into the game’s executable files. A Twitter user who goes by the name DniweTamp recently discovered some references to a multiplayer mode for Spider-Man while looking into the game’s code. 

Going by what little information the files have to offer, the multiplayer mode for Spider-Man would allow another player to take control of Miles Morales, which would feature a special loadout along with unique abilities and the capability of participating in various activities. Players would have also gotten their hands on a possible PvP mode and a PvE mode that was referenced as Free For All.

Mutiplayer for Spider-Man
DniweTamp’s findings in the game’s code | Twitter

There might have been a King of the Hill mode as the game referenced which player would become the Superior Spiderman. In addition, the game’s files referenced players 1 and 2 along with red and blue teams.

Obviously, the multiplayer mode would have been entirely separate from the Singleplayer story mode. Looking over the game’s files, players would not be able to unlock this mode from the beginning. They’d have to work their way to learning the basics of the game and completing some story missions, or they would have to download it as DLC possibly.

We’d be overreaching at this point, but it’s possible that the game’s files are indicating that a Multiplayer mode is currently in development for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the sequel that is set to feature both Miles Morales and Peter Parker. But then again, after the game was officially announced by Insomniac Games, Ryan Schneider from the same developer, announced that the game was going to be their most epic “single-player” action adventure yet.

Multiplayer in Spider-Man
Spider-Man 2 Reveal Trailer | PlayStation

So, why did they drop the ball on a multiplayer mode for Spider-Man? Maybe the multiplayer wasn’t all that fun or engaging to begin with, or too many spideys on the screen wreaked havoc on the original PS4 hardware.

Maybe, the multiplayer work didn’t work well, and the developers decided to drop it early into the game’s development life. That seems to be the most accurate prediction here. Why incorporate elements that don’t work and keep what works well?

Swinging around with friends does sound fun, but a multiplayer mode for Spider-Man that doesn’t work well would’ve caused mass outrage among fans and critics alike. So, Insomniac made a wise decision in this case.

Marvel’s Spider-Man debuted for the PC last week, and it’s been a hit among PC gamers despite the game previously being out on the PS4 for nearly four years! According to steam data, the game peaked just slightly fewer games in comparison to the God of War PC debut, crowning it as the second most played PlayStation PC title to date.

The game is averaging at around 66,000 players currently, which is just under 10,000 fewer than what God of War averaged upon release. According to SteamDB, Horizon Zero Dawn was the first PlayStation PC title to rake in 56,557 players at its peak.

Spider-Man Remastered for the PC presents us with an excellent and well-optimized PC port that also features support for the Steam Deck, so anyone that owns a Steam Deck needs to definitely get their hands on the game. Though one thing to note is that the game features a full 60 dollar price tag at the time.

The game looks pretty solid on the Steam Deck being able to pump out 30FPS at 1080P on the handheld system. Now, you can enjoy the impressive visuals of the game on the go and swing around the high-rises of New York on a portable handheld, the likes of the Steam Deck. Too bad for the Nintendo Switch.

As more and more PlayStation PC titles make their way to the PC and Steam Deck, more users of the handheld will enjoy a next-generation Sony experience that everyone wanted from Sony but never got, as they dropped the ball with the PlayStation Vita handheld.

And that’s pretty much it for multiplayer mode for Spider-Man. What are your thoughts on multiplayer being left out of Marvel’s Spider-Man? Let us know in the comments below. We upload daily on Appuals, so stay tuned for more. Till then, see you later and goodbye!


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