Windows 10’s Next Major Update To Fix Multi-Monitor Screen Stuttering Issue

The upcoming feature update, Windows 10 Version 2004 is scheduled to be released in April this year. As of now, the next major Windows 10 update doesn’t seem to bring any major changes. On the other hand, people are expecting that it would fix some niggling issues in the OS.

Apparently, Microsoft is already working on releasing a fix for some major issues in Windows 10. Users have been experiencing problems while using multiple monitors with different refresh rates. Those who were using several monitors have been complaining for years that the screen stutters in two cases. Either when you are moving a video or playing a video file.

The problem also affects gamers who use borderless windowed mode to play games and a second window is opened by the side. You can observe the stutters in the windowed game when you move the other window. However, this behavior is not noticed in the fullscreen mode.

Windows 10 2004 Fixes Screen Stuttering Problem

Recently, a Redditor reported that Microsoft plans to release a fix in Windows 10 v2004. Notably, some other Windows Insiders also confirmed the fix in the comments section. The user demonstrated a difference between the sync of refresh rates between Windows 10 2004 Insider Preview Build and Windows 10 1909 in this video:

If you have noticed, the Test UFO page doesn’t stutter with the movement in the secondary display in Windows 10 2004. It is a clear indication that Microsoft has finally found a solution for this annoying bug that was present for years. As a matter of fact, the bug has been ignored since the introduction of DWM in Windows 8.

The Fix Doesn’t Work For Some

The OP further acknowledged the fact that patch may not work for some monitors: Probably Microsoft might fix it soon until the release of Windows 10 2004.

“It also appears to not work more than 3x the refresh rate of the 2nd monitor. So for example, a 240Hz monitor will be reduced to 180Hz when there is activity on the 2nd monitor running at 60Hz.”

It is definitely a piece of good news for content creators on YouTube and Twitch. It is worth noting that Windows 10 2004 is almost ready for its release. Microsoft says that you don’t need an Insider account to receive updates now.

Alex Schoff
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