Pricing for MSI X670 Motherboards Leaked, Lowest End Variant Costs up to 374 Euros

Following the recent Ryzen 7000 leaks, momomo_us now shared the MSI X670 motherboard listing on Twitter. What a day for leaks!

It appears that some retailers have already started listing AMD’s offerings for Zen4. These listings have come up on various sites, although featuring different price tags.

MSI X670 Pricing With VAT | aedgaming

The MSI PRO X670-P WIFI will cost €405 (VAT included) whereas the much more expensive CARBON WIFI variant goes up to a massive €609. If we take out the VAT from these motherboards, then the pricing comes to be as follows:

(Here #1,#2,#3 correspond to the various listings as present on different websites)

MSI’s offerings for the X670 series

The MSI X670E CARBON WIFI features an 18+2 power phase along with PCIe 5.0 support allowing support for next gen GPUs and SSDs. In contrast, the PRO X670-P WIFI ships with a 14+2 power phase.

MSI’s X670E Carbon and X670-P WiFi

However, these X670 variants will not be the flagships as MSI plans to launch its godlike and ace series once more. Both of these beasts feature a much more powerful design (22+2+1 phase). These motherboards are set to launch on the 15th of September, 2022 in line with our previous leaks.

MSI’s X670E Ace and X670E godlike

One should note that these motherboards are almost 2x more expensive than their Zen3 counterparts. That’s a huge red alarm for AMD. Will Intel also look forward to increase their prices this time? Probably not, in order to snatch the price-performance crown from AMD. What do you think? Tell us in the comments.


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