MSI Still Making Arc GPUs, Confutes All Previous Rumours

Various AIB partners have started to produce the GPUs for Intel Arc A series namely ‘GUNNIR‘ and ‘ASRock‘ with more en route. Recently, rumours started to pop up stating that MSI has allegedly discontinued its Arc production citing Intel’s indecisive behavior.

However, refuting all such statements , MSI confirms its still planning to launch pre-built PCs featuring Intel’s Arc A series. The GPUs used will be a low-end variant of the A380 similar to ASRock’s Challenger. Although, this time the SKU will have reference specifications (75W TDP), meaning you will not see higher TDPs as was the case with GUNNIR’s A380 having a 92W TDP.

These PCs are available for purchase over at the chinese online retailer

MSI’s Arc A380 | MSI

These pre-built PCs will ship with Intel’s entry H510M (10th + 11th gen) or H610M (12th + 13th gen) motherboards produced by MSI (Bomber). The low-end PC will be powered by Intel’s i3-10105F whereas other PCs will feature the i5-10400F or the i5-12400F. The price range is from 3599 RMB or ~$530 to 4399 RMB or ~$650


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