The MSI RX 7900 XTX/XT Gaming Trio Classic Have Been Listed By a French Retailer

Since AMD’s RX 7900 series launched, many AIBs introduced their custom GPU variants. However, MSI did not unveil anything until this CES where they finally showcased the RX 7900 in the ‘Gaming Trio Classic‘ flavor. Today, a French retailer has already listed these GPUs but they are not available for purchase, as of now. In any case, we now know that these GPUs are expected to hit shelves extremely soon.

RX 7900 Gaming Trio Classic 

Over at topachat, the RX 7900 XTX and the RX 7900 XT are listed, though both are out of stock currently. The top-of-the-line 7900 XTX costs 1229.99 Euros which is slightly higher than the reference model. 

RX 7900 XTX Gaming Trio Classic | topachat

Similarly, the 7900 XT is priced slightly lower at 1129.99 Euros. As for the design itself, well we have got some news for you. MSI decided to opt for the same ‘GAMING TRIO‘ design used in the RX 6000 family, explaining the addition of ‘CLASSIC’ to the name.

RX 7900 XT Gaming Trio Classic | topachat

The notable change is in the heatsink structure. The heatsink has been slightly modified to perform better with the new RDNA3 cores. In addition, MSI, unlike other AIB vendors has kept a relatively small size of just 2.8 slots. The RX 7900 family from MSI’s GAMING TRIO CLASSIC lineup comes with 3 x 8-pin connectors to provide the necessary overclocking headroom.

At CES MSI showcased the notable features of these GPUs, which are:

  • Tri-Frozr 2: Tri-Frozr 2 offers the perfect balance between cool temperatures and quiet fans during endless gaming sessions.
  • Torx Fan 4.0: A masterpiece of teamwork, fan blades work in pairs to create unprecedented levels of focused air pressure.
  • Core Pipe: Precision-machined heat pipes ensure max contact to the GPU and spread heat along the full length of the heatsink
  • Metal Backplate: Thermal pads under the sturdy metal backplate provide additional cooling while the flow-through ventilation reduces trapped heat.
  • Airflow Control: Don’t sweat it, Airflow Control guides the air to exactly where it needs to be for maximum cooling.


Since MSI has been late to the party, it might miss a huge amount of market share considering that winter sales are almost over. The GPUs look great although only independent reviewers can tell the complete story. 


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