MSI B650 Motherboard Pricing Leaks Out, The Carbon WiFi Variant Costs $329.99

AMD unveiled their Ryzen 7000 lineup along with the AM5 socket back in August. In addition to that, we saw the X670/X670E motherboards follow from various manufacturers. However, some of these motherboards cost almost 2x more than last-gen. To counter this, AMD was planning the B650 lineup and quoted an entry-level price tag of $129 for the cheapset motherboard. Today, MSI’s B650 lineup along with the pricing has leaked out.

MSI’s B650 Linuep

G01d3nm4ng0 on Twitter has allegedly leaked the pricing for MSI’s B650 series. The cheapest B650 board from MSI comes in at around $189.99. This is much higher than AMD’s promised $129.
MSI MPG B650 Carbon WiFi$329.99
MSI MPG B650 EDGE WiFi$289.99
MSI MAG B650 Tomahawk WiFi$239.00
MSI MPG B650I EDGE WiFi$239.99
MSI MAG B650M Mortar WiFi$219.99
MSI PRO B650-P WiFi$209.99
MSI PRO B650M-A WiFi$189.99

This is quite higher than even last generation. Take the B650 Tomahawk WiFi for example. It is a whopping 32% higher than the B550 Tomahawk WiFi. We saw the same price increases for MSI’s X670E motherboards. Take a look at our article here for that. 

(These prices include the VAT)

MPG X670E Carbon WiFi #1562.19 Euros
MPG X670E Carbon WiFi #2625.50 Euros
MPG X670E Carbon WiFi #3640.15 Euros
PRO X670-P WiFI #1374.35 Euros
PRO X670-P WiFI #2416.50 Euros
PRO X670-P WiFI #3426.27 Euros

The Cost You Pay For AM5

AMD’s Ryzen 7000 requires the new AM5 socket which is only available on the new 600 series motheboards. Similarly, we need DDR5 memory as DDR4 is no longer supported. To add on to that, DDR5-6000, the sweet spot for AMD’s CPUs is expensive and rare to find. This raises a lot of eyebrows for AMD this generation. Intel on the other hand offers an effective price-to-performance ratio with Raptor Lake.

AM5 is indeed an investment, however, the pricing is making it unfavorable for most consumers. This has been highlighted by many enthusiasts from around the world. We do hope that AMD comes out with cheaper AM5 boards since the Z690 goes for as low as $199.

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