MSI and ASUS Prepping to Launch Arc A-Series Based Pre-Built Desktops

The Intel Arc A380 launched in China sometime ago. Initially, it was produced only by GUNNIR and later on ASRock jumped on board to create their entry level custom variants. Now MSI and ASUS plan to launch their OEM variants via pre-build PCs.

@momomo_us mentioned that MSI plans to release a desktop equipped with Alder lake i5/i7 CPUs on the H610M motherboard. The GPU list comprises of NVIDIA’s GTX 1650, GT 1030 and Intel’s A380 or A310.
MSI’s Prebuilt desktop featuring the Arc A380 and the Arc A310

NVIDIA’s GTX 1650 ships with 4GB of GDDR5 memory, whereas the older GT 1030 uses the old 2GB DDR4 memory. Some leaks suggest that this version of the Arc A380 may offer 4GB of VRAM and the same goes for the A310.

ASUS’s ExperCenter D7 Tower featuring the Arc A3 GPUs

ASUS on the other hand plans for two desktops making use of the Arc A series. The ROG Strix GT15, from a gaming subsidiary of ASUS will be powered by either NVIDIA’s RTX 3080 or the Arc A380. Note that these GPUs vary heavily in performance, so we may possibly see an Intel A7 GPU instead of the currently used A3.

The second desktop which is ASUS’s ExperCenter D7 Tower aimed for the enterprise level PC market and again yet ships with either the 3080 or the A380. 

Intel’s A380 uses Intel’s ACM-G11 GPU featuring 6GB of GDDR6 VRAM running across a 96-bit bus. The higher end, ACM-G10 GPU will be featured on the A5 series and above which are expected to launch (maybe, in select countries or globally) within the next 2 months.

Intel’s leaked lineup for the Arc A series





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