MSI Accused of Scalping 3080 Cards on Ebay: Scam Seller Disguises Himself Ever So Perfectly To Sell RTX 3080 for Twice as Much

NVIDIA’s new lineup of devices, namely, the 3000 series of there RTX cards. These are quite revolutionary units offering performance that can allow gamers to game in 4K at 60fps and even certain titles at 8K. Now, as all NVIDIA products, knowing their history, we have seen delays in stock, overpricing on certain listings and so on. Today, we focus on the latter. According to a recent thread on Reddit, a person accused MSI of actually scalping its cards on eBay for a higher price. This did seem like an odd one but apparently, that was the case.

MSI Scalping 3080 Cards on Ebay?!

Diving deeper into the situation and we see this listing from a company called Starlit Partner. The company sells all of its products from MSI and claim that they work “closely” with the company. Now, this created an even more sketchy situation (read: sus) and people actually started to wonder. Now, on the thread people started accusing MSI of scalping its cards and illegally selling a card (the 3080) which is worth $759 for $1,359. That is outrageous because that is twice the amount! Now, the funny and sad thing was that people continued to take part in the auction as well and these cards were actually selling out.

The Real Story Behind it: MSI, You’re Safe!

Now, in the same thread, an edit, added that MSI was in fact not involved. To be very honest, there was heavy doubt about this and a company as big as MSI would not resort to such methods for a couple of extra thousands in its bank. According to the thread, the seller has masked himself so well that he actually looks like MSI. Perhaps the full title of the seller was a bit off and that is how some people on discord caught him too. Currently, the listing has been removed but if you are reading this and want to go for a 3080, stick to the official stock and retail price. If you cannot find the card anywhere, perhaps consider waiting and not falling for such scams. You do not know what these cards are like, these may even be defective.


Sarmad Burki

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