MSI Accidentally Confirms Intel Alder Lake is Launching on November 4th


While we’ve had a lot of benchmark leaks about the upcoming Alder Lake processors from Intel, the official release and announcement are still weeks away. As of now, Intel is expected to full unveil Alder Lake to the world on October 27th at the Intel InnovatiON event. At the event, we also expect to see a release date and more information on pre-orders. However, it seems as if MSI has stepped up to the challenge and done it themselves.

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Earlier today, MSI detailed their free upgrade offer for their CORELIQUID AIO liquid coolers for the LGA 1700 socket. 11th Gen Intel CPUs are on the LGA 1200 socket which means Alder Lake being on LGA 1700—an entirely new socket—will force users to cash out for a new cooler. MSI has realized this and taken up the opportunity to be the nice guy.

The company has offered to send current owners of certain CORELIQUID coolers an upgrade kit free of charge that will allow them to use their existing AIOs with the new Alder Lake CPUs. The free upgrade kit will include mounting hardware for LGA 1700 CPUs, which you can swap out with your current mounting bracket. How considerate of MSI.

MSI sent out a whole press release with this announcement which didn’t give us any specific dates but when you go to apply for the upgrade kit, you have to fill a form. The form is currently unavailable and can only be filled from November 4th 2021. This date was weirdly specific, especially in an announcement devoid of any proper dates. VideoCardz noticed this and contacted some of their sources who confirmed that November 4th is the date Alder Lake launches.

MSI’s website lists the free upgrade kit as “coming soon” | MSI

So, from this we can tell that Alder Lake will be announced on October 27th then released a week later on November 4th. Obviously, the November 4th release date is not an official confirmation so take this with a grain of salt. That being said, Usman Pirzada from Wccftech has also mentioned that 27th October is the date the pre-orders for Alder Lake go live which further solidifies the story.

Previously, the rumored date for Alder Lake’s launch was November 19th. Clearly, this new release date is much earlier from that which tell us that maybe Intel pulled up the product launch date because they were confident in their CPUs. Or, it could just be that the November 19th date was incorrectly reported from the beginning. Whatever the case may be, Alder Lake is coming soon and it’s ready to revitalize Intel’s mainstay in the CPU market.

Intel’s Alder Lake architecture

Alder Lake is set to debut Intel’s most drastic shift in design and architectural philosophy ever, featuring a hybrid big.LITTLE design consisting of performance and efficiency cores. So far, the flagship i9-12900K, 16-core 24-thread chip has been leaked to oblivion and we have a good idea of where it stands in the performance hierarchy. However, the i7-12700K and i5-12600K have also been the victim of leaks with benchmarks and core specifications already out in the wild.

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MSI Accidentally Confirms Intel Alder Lake is Launching on November 4th

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