MSI Announces New 55-Inch MEG 551U OLED Gaming Monitor for Consoles

High refresh rates are no longer exclusive to PC gaming.

Need something to up your console gaming to PC-like levels? MSI has got you covered, as the PC peripheral manufacturer has announced anew 55-inch MEG 551U OLED gaming monitor specifically designed for console gaming. The monitor is set to be fully revealed in 2022, but ahead of its release MSI has been sharing their other offerings in both console and PC space.

QD Premium Color

MSI hopes to set a new standard with their Quantum dot technology for their gaming monitors, and this same standard will follow for the upcoming MEG 551U OLED console gaming monitor. QD premium color is not only equipped with Quantum dot film in the monitor, it alss also has a built-in software optimization that helps improve color calibration.

These overall designs were made so that gamers can have the best in-game colors, one of the newest standards being seen for both PC and console gaming . The first batch of QD premium color support monitors are MPG Artymis 273CQRX-QD, MPG Artymis 273CQR-QD, and the brand-new MEG 341 Mini LED.

MEG 551U OLED – console-specific features

MSI’s upcoming console gaming monitor has a ton of features that is sure to elevate your game, be it on the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X. The unique KVM 3.0 feature is a good example, a feature which allows console gamers to use their own console controller to access the monitor OSD setting menu as well as Marco keys settings. This should allow console gamers to easily switch signal input, or possibly set up their monitor without an additional remote controller. There’s nothing worse than stopping your gaming session to walk up to touch physical buttons on the back of monitor.

As of now, MSI is offering a couple of monitor options with high refresh rate for console gamers. One of these is the MSI Optix MPG321UR-QD which offers 144Hz refresh rate as well as 4K resolution via HDMI 2.1. The KVM 3.0 feature is also present for this monitor, which is sure to please console gamers everywhere.

Kenneth Araullo
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